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Last Updated: 3/29/2018

How do I destroy games?

Bingo paper

If you want to destroy bingo paper, call us at 651-297-1772 for options on how to deliver the bingo paper to the Department of Revenue.

Barcoded games

If you have a pull-tab, tipboard, paddleticket, or raffle board game that you do not want to put into play, or a damaged game that you cannot put into play, contact your distributor to see if you can get credit for the cost of the game and/or tax paid on the game.

If you cannot get credit for the game, contact us and we will direct you to either destroy the game or send the game to us to destroy.

Report the game(s) on the Lawful Gambling Report of Barcoded Games (Schedule B2), and check the box for “Destroyed with Revenue approval.” Complete a separate Schedule B2 for each type of destroyed game (pull-tabs, tipboards, paddletickets, or raffle board). 

If you send the game to us to destroy, include a copy of the Schedule B2 you reported it on. We will certify the Schedule B2 and provide you with a written receipt that we received the game and destroyed it. You must keep the receipt in your permanent gambling records for at least 3½ years. 

If you destroy an unplayed game without our approval, we will treat it as a missing game. You must report the game on your next monthly return at the ideal amount and pay any tax liability due.

Games destroyed by a catastrophic event

If unplayed games, games in play, and/or played game remnants are destroyed by a catastrophic event (e.g., fire, flood, tornado, etc.), call us for instructions.