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Last Updated: 11/21/2018

What's new for Corporation Franchise Tax for 2018?

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Minimum fee indexed for inflation

The Minimum fee brackets and amounts are indexed for inflation each year. The brackets and amounts for 2018 are:


​If your total Minnesota property, payroll and sales is:​ ​Your minimum fee is:​
​Less than $990,000 ​​​​$0
​$990,000 to $1,989,999 ​$200
​​​​$1,990,000 to $9,959,999 ​​​​$600
​​​​​$9,960,000 to $19,929,999 ​​​​$1,990
​​​​$19,930,000 to $39,859,999 ​$3,990
​​​​​$39,860,000 or more ​$9,960

Interest rate determined

The rate of interest charged on taxes due and paid on refunds is 4 percent for 2018. See interest rates for more information.