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Last Updated: 12/15/2011

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For purposes of the renters refund, 17 percent of the rent you paid in 2015 is considered to … The maximum renters refund for 2015 is $2,050. The information below will help you determine …
Date: 3/28/2016                     Size: 75KB

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When are the Property Tax Statements … and easiest way to get your tax refund. Visit our Direct Deposit page for more information. … Homestead Credit Refund (for Homeowners) … Renters refund
Date: 12/11/2016                     Size: 75KB

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Electronic: Renters … How do I fill out the … Note: You may file Form M1PR and claim a refund for up to one year after the original due date. If you file later, you won’t receive a refund. …
Date: 3/28/2016                     Size: 74KB

What's the Benefit? Renters Property Tax Refund Increase A 6% increase to the renters refund for 2014 only. 350,000 renters who already receive the refund. Average …
Date: 8/5/2014                     Size: 46KB

2015 Homestead Credit Refund for Homeowners and Renters Property Tax Refund Forms and Instructions Tired of filling out …
Date: 4/14/2016                     Size: 1MB

nd the amount to enter here from the renters refund table in the instructions. Continue with line … 29 30 Special refund. Amount from line 29 or $1,000, whichever is less. Enter the amount …
Date: 1/20/2015                     Size: 437KB duplicates

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When you file your property tax refund using our free online system, homeowners have the … Don’t miss out on your 2014 Property Tax RefundRenters Refund … I am not required to file a federal …
Date: 1/14/2016                     Size: 70KB

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To find a form or instructions from … 2014 Homestead Credit Refund (for homeowners) and Renters Property Tax Refund Instructions … Claim for Tax Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer (Revised 3/10) …
Date: 12/17/2015                     Size: 214KB

13 14 Homeowners' Homestead Credit Refund: Using the amounts on line 8 and line 13, fi nd the amount to enter here from the homeowner refund table in the M1PR instructions …
Date: 6/29/2015                     Size: 388KB

grace period for the 2012 property tax refund ends on Aug. 15, 2014. The property tax refund expires after this date and homeowners and renters will not be able to claim it. “We …
Date: 8/13/2014                     Size: 276KB property tax refund deadline.pdf

1-10 of about 240 results