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Last Updated: 10/4/2017

Job Opportunity Building Zones (JOBZ)

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Sales and Use Tax

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Job Opportunity Building Zones are located throughout Minnesota, with the exception of the seven-county Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. A qualified business is a business located in a Zone that has entered into a Business Subsidy Agreement (BSA) with a local government. Businesses relocating operations into a Zone from another location in Minnesota must also sign a relocation agreement with the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. Qualified businesses in these Zones are eligible for JOBZ exemptions from sales, income, and property taxes and may be eligible for a refundable jobs credit based on increased payroll.

Note: The JOBZ program, for most qualified businesses, ended December 31, 2015. Most businesses are no longer eligible to receive benefits through the JOBZ program after 2015.

Zone durations for qualifying businesses enrolled in the JOBZ program are explained in better detail in M.S.469.312 subd.5.

This webpage was designed to be a central starting point for finding all JOBZ related forms and materials produced by the Minnesota Department of Revenue.


  • Form ST3 (Certificate of Exemption – Sales Tax)
  • Form ST11 (Sales and Use Tax Refund Request and Multiple Period Amended Return)

  • Form M500 (JOBZ Tax Benefit Report )

  • Form CR-JOBZ (Application for property tax exemption for JOBZ)

  • JOBZ Certification (Certification of JOBZ Compliance with BSA)

Reference Materials  

Department of Employment and Economic Development
Information is also available on the Department of Employment and Economic Development website.