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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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  • What is net tax capacity?Back to top

    The net tax capacity represents the taxable base of a property for most levies. It is calculated by multiplying the classification rate by the taxable market value of the property.​

  • How do you qualify as an agricultural homestead?Back to top

    In most cases, a property qualifies as an agricultural homestead if it has at least 10 acres of property being used to produce an “agricultural product” (as defined in statute) for sale and is being occupied as the owner’s principle place of residence.  In some cases a property of less than 10 acres may qualify if it is being used intensively or exclusively for “agricultural purposes” (as defined in statute).​

  • What is the Abstract of Assessment?Back to top

    The Abstract of Assessment is an annual report that provides detailed property tax information for each county in the state. The Department of Revenue uses this data for a range of calculations and other purposes.​