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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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  • Should the $25 Deed Fees be submitted with the State Deed Application?Back to top

    Generally not, because the Department of Revenue bills each county for most deed fees at the end of the calendar year. However, state law requires certain deed fees to be submitted with the application. These include:

    • The $25 Deed Fee for a Replacement Deed (under Minnesota Statutes, section 282.33).
    • The $250 Application Fee for a Conditional Use Deed (under Minnesota Statutes, section 282.01).​

  • Why is so much additional information required for a Replacement Deed? Back to top

    Before the Department of Revenue can issue a replacement deed, we must verify that we are replacing the correct previously issued deed. This process goes faster if we have information such as forfeiture and issue dates, the original state deed number, and the name of the original grantee.​


  • Do I send the applications to a different place now?Back to top

    No.  Please continue to send the applications to the Property Tax Division, not Tax Ops.


  • What form should be used to reconvey property that was acquired via a Conditional Use Deed? Back to top

    If a local or county government is reconveying all of the property that was originally conveyed, use Form PT 975; if reconveying only a portion of the property, use Form PT 976.