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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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Property Tax Administrators > Tax Calculation & Delinquency > Power Line Credits and Taxation

  • Which properties qualify for the Power Line Credit?Back to top

    Qualifying properties must be crossed by a high-voltage transmission line (at least 200 kilovolts) that was built after June 30, 1974. Only certain classes of property are eligible, including:

    • agricultural and nonagricultural homesteads;
    • non-homestead agricultural land;
    • rental residential property; and
    • both commercial and noncommercial seasonal residential recreational property.

    View the statute, M.S. 273.42.​

  • How are transmission and distribution power lines taxed?Back to top

    Transmission and distribution lines are generally taxed in the city or town where they are legally located. However, the following types of power lines are taxed in the county where they’re situated: distribution lines outside of cities, transmission lines in unorganized townships, and transmission lines under 69 kilovolts in organized townships.

    View the statutes, M.S. 273.36 and M.S. 273.37.​