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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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  • Where can I get a copy of my property tax statement?Back to top

    Your county treasurer can provide a copy of your property tax statement and answer any questions you may have about the statement. For contact information, check your local phone book or see County Websites on​

  • Does a county have to submit a P100 on every transfer date, even if there is no payment being made?Back to top

    Yes.  Please submit a P100 that shows $0, otherwise we will have an expectation for a payment to be made.​

  • How is interest for delinquent taxes calculated?Back to top

    According to the law, interest on delinquent real and personal property taxes and special assessments is to be calculated at simple interest rather than compounded. Interest is imposed on the total amount of unpaid taxes, penalties and county costs; it is calculated only for the months that those taxes, penalties, and costs remain unpaid. For this purpose, a portion of a month is deemed to be a whole month. This means that the interest rate for a given month is the same regardless of when the delinquent tax is paid during that month.

    For more information about the use of the interest rate, see Section 6160 in the Delinquent Real Property Tax and Tax Forfeiture Manual.​

  • Should the $25 Deed Fees be submitted with the State Deed Application?Back to top

    Generally not, because the Department of Revenue bills each county for most deed fees at the end of the calendar year. However, state law requires certain deed fees to be submitted with the application. These include:

    • The $25 Deed Fee for a Replacement Deed (under Minnesota Statutes, section 282.33).
    • The $250 Application Fee for a Conditional Use Deed (under Minnesota Statutes, section 282.01).​