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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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Property Tax Administrators > Manuals and Education > Tax Levy Authorizations and Limitations Manual

  • How do I use the manual?Back to top

    The manual includes an introduction and four sections that cover levies for counties, cities, towns and special taxing districts. Each section presents an index of the relevant statutes and laws, organized into columns that provide the levy purpose, citation and outline the authorization and limitation.​

  • What do the citations mean?Back to top

    The citations in this manual refer to the following statutes and laws:

    • Minnesota Statutes 2000,
    • Minnesota Session Laws 2000, and
    • previous session laws that did not amend, and are not coded in, Minnesota Statutes.​

  • Is anything missing from the manual?Back to top

    This manual does not include information on school district tax levies. If you have any questions about school district tax levies, see Levy Certification Process on the Minnesota Department of Education website.

  • This manual is from 2000. Isn’t it out of date?Back to top

    The Tax Levy Authorizations and Limitations Manual is not updated every year. You will always find the most recent version on the Department of Revenue’s website.​