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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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Property Tax Administrators > Manuals and Education > Minnesota State Board of Assessors

  • What is the Board of Assessors?Back to top

    The Board is composed of nine members appointed by the Commissioner of Revenue. The purpose of the Board is to educate, license, and regulate the professional conduct of assessors in order to provide the taxpayers of Minnesota with a fair and equitable valuation of their property. The Board publishes rules that govern the licensing requirements for assessors.

  • How do I get an assessor’s license?Back to top

    You must obtain the education and experience required by the Board and pay the annual license fee.

    Prices vary for the required educational courses, but registration fees for 28 hour courses typically cost $375 to $475.

  • After I get my license do I need further education?Back to top

    Due to the changes that occur in the assessment field, all licensed assessors are required to be involved in continuing education. The usual requirement is forty hours of continuing education during a four year period.