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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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  • When is the first PRISM file submission?Back to top

    Sept. 1, 2016​

  • How do I contact the PRISM team?Back to top

    An email account has been set up specifically for the PRISM project:

    Please send all correspondence to this email address. The email administrators will distribute the correspondence to the correct team members.​

  • Regarding B000-08, 09, 10, 14, 15, 16: if the county is not a JOBZ county, should we populate this field? If so, should we populate it with the GO Debt Rate?Back to top

    ​In the event that a county has no JOBZ to report, B000-08, 09, 10, 14, 15, 16 should be populated with 0 rather than the GO Debt Rate.

  • Should a field be added to indicate what record or line number the data is coming from? We have some parcels that have 5 records.Back to top

    Adding a line number is not a viable option for an XML file. Each value record is not independent but is linked to the parcel. PRISM error messages will contain information sufficient to identifythe problem and the parcel.​

  • Can the Year Built be a date field rather than a year field?Back to top

    No. Not all counties retain this information as a date, so the year is reported.​

  • How large can the files be that the DOR will accept?Back to top

    We highly recommend that each PRISM submission be sent as one compressed ZIP file. The DOR currently does not have a limit on file size, but county internal systems might. On rare occasion, it may be necessary to submit multiple files. When that happens, if XML errors are detected and if any file in a multiple file submission is rejected, you would need to wait until your initial files are cleared out before you can resubmit.  At that point, you would need to resubmit all of the files in your multiple file submission. See section ‘Technical Details’ in the instructions for more information.

  • What is the subtype for manufactured home parcels?Back to top

    A property subtype code "C01 - Manufactured Home" has been added to the Property Subtype tab of the code tables and instructions. This subtype should only be used for those manufactured homes that are not considered to be real property and are reported in submission file #4. If a manufactured home is considered real property then it should be reported in submission files #1, #2 and #3 with a property subtype code of "A01 - Real Property".​

  • My county has more than one parcel ID mask. What should we use?Back to top

    The parcel ID is a unique value identifying the property. We want the data submitted using the county specific format; however, we will not validate the submitted mask.​

  • We do not have all of the classification subtypes as a selection on our tax system.Back to top

    A120-01 is a required field; as such the county must use the valid codes from the classification subtype code table. Counties may report "Other" for the first year or two but will be expected to report accurate codes after that.​

  • Are special characters allowed in string fields?Back to top

    ​XML requires special coding for the following special characters in XML"

    "(double quoatation mark)

    '(apostrophe/quotation mark)


    <(less-than sign)

    >(greater-than sign)


    The formal &name; is followed to render these characters as valid in XML, which would be:

    &quo; (double quotation mark)

    &apos; (apostrophe/quotation mark)

    &amp; (ampersand)

    &It; (less-than sign)

    &gt; (greater-than sign)