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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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  • Are we still required to publish a notice of our TNT meeting in a local paper?Back to top

    No. That requirement was removed in 2009.​

  • Can you adopt your levy at the Truth in Taxation Meeting?Back to top

    Yes.  The requirement to adopt the levy in a subsequent meeting was removed in 2009.  ​

  • What are examples of significant violations? Back to top

    They include failure to hold a required public meeting, failure to allow citizens to speak at the public meeting, and failure to submit a completed Truth in Taxation compliance form (Form TNT) to the Minnesota Department of Revenue when a TNT public meeting was required.

  • Are there penalties for significant violations? Back to top

    If the commissioner determines that the taxing authority failed to comply with the Truth in Taxation law, the auditor in the county where the taxing authority is located must use that authority’s previous year’s tax levy and any other funds necessary to make the payments on any of the authority’s bonds issued before 1989.

  • Is it possible to avoid a penalty in the case of a significant violation? Back to top

    Yes. If a county, school district, city with more than 500 people, or metropolitan special taxing district inadvertently commits a significant Truth in Taxation error, it’s often possible either to repeat some of the steps of the process or to take some other action to avoid the penalty. Notify the department immediately if this situation arises.