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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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Property Tax Administrators > Aids, Credits, Levies, Budgeting > Supplemental Benefit Payment Reimbursement for Volunteer Firefighters

  • How do I submit my Form SBR?Back to top

    There is a link to the interactive form on the webpage for Supplemental Benefit Reimbursement. The form must be submitted by Feb. 15 to receive reimbursement March 15.

  • How do I fill out Form SBR?Back to top

    The Form SBR Instructions explain each field on the form and how to fill them out correctly.

  • Can recipients get both the supplemental benefit and the supplemental survivor benefit?Back to top

    No. Eligible lump sum beneficiaries may receive the supplemental benefit or the supplemental survivor benefit, but not both. Certain survivors of a deceased active or deferred volunteer firefighter are eligible to receive a supplemental survivor benefit.