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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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Property Tax Administrators > Aids, Credits, Levies, Budgeting > Disparity Reduction Aid (DRA) Certifications

  • What is Disparity Reduction Aid?Back to top

    Disparity Reduction Aid (DRA) is designed to prevent tax rates from being disproportionately high for individual unique taxing areas (UTAs) in relation to other similar areas. DRA works by directly reducing the tax rate in a UTA so that the levies in that area are paid in part by DRA rather than coming completely from taxpayers. Since DRA affects only the final tax rate, it is ignored when setting levies.​

  • What are unique taxing areas?Back to top

    A unique taxing area (UTA) is a geographic area subject to the same set of local tax rates levied by the same taxing districts. There are over 6,000 UTAs in Minnesota. For more information, go to the Auditor/Treasurer Manual, section 06.02.​