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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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Property Tax Administrators

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Property Tax Administrators > Aids, Credits, Levies, Budgeting > City LGA and County CPA Certifications

  • What types of property tax aids are there?Back to top

    When setting local levies, there are two basic types of aids to consider: general-purpose aids that are intended to supplant property taxes; and specific-purpose aids tied to a particular purpose or mandate (and perhaps tied less directly to property tax levies).​

  • What are some examples of general-purpose aids?Back to top

    Local Government Aid (LGA) and County Program Aid (CPA).​

  • What are some examples of specific-purpose aids? Back to top

    • PERA Aid
    • Police State Aid
    • Fire State Aid
    • Amortization Aid and Additional Amortization Aid
    • Taconite Aid
    • Utility Valuation Transition Aid (UVTA)
    • Wetland Preservation Area Aid
    • Education Aid
    • Human Services Aid
    • Highway Aid
    • Disparity Reduction Aid (DRA)​