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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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  • What types of property tax aids are there?Back to top

    When setting local levies, there are two basic types of aids to consider: general-purpose aids that are intended to supplant property taxes; and specific-purpose aids tied to a particular purpose or mandate (and perhaps tied less directly to property tax levies).​

  • What are some examples of general-purpose aids?Back to top

    Local Government Aid (LGA) and County Program Aid (CPA).​

  • What are some examples of specific-purpose aids?Back to top

    • PERA Aid
    • Police State Aid
    • Fire State Aid
    • Amortization Aid and Additional Amortization Aid
    • Taconite Aid
    • Utility Valuation Transition Aid (UVTA)
    • Wetland Preservation Area Aid
    • Education Aid
    • Human Services Aid
    • Highway Aid
    • Disparity Reduction Aid (DRA)​


  • What is Disparity Reduction Aid (DRA)?Back to top

    Disparity Reduction Aid (DRA) is designed to prevent tax rates from being disproportionately high for individual unique taxing areas (UTAs) in relation to other similar areas. DRA works by directly reducing the tax rate in a UTA so that the levies in that area are paid in part by DRA rather than coming completely from taxpayers. Since DRA affects only the final tax rate, it is ignored when setting levies.​

  • What happened to the Residential Homestead Market Value Credit?Back to top

    The residential credit was repealed in 2011 and replaced by a similarly designed Homestead Market Value Exclusion. This change is effective for taxes payable in 2012. (The Agricultural Homestead Market Value Credit did not change). For more information, go to the Homestead Market Value Exclusion page.​

  • Can you adopt your levy at the Truth-in-Taxation meeting?Back to top

    Yes.  The requirement to adopt the levy in a subsequent meeting was removed in 2009.​