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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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Solid Waste Management Tax

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  • Where can I find my Minnesota tax ID number?Back to top

    ​Your ID number is on all letters that we send to you. If you can't find the number, call us at 651-282-5770. ​

  • How can I update my contact information? Back to top

    ​You can do it through our e-Services system, or by contacting the Business Registration Unit.  For details, see Update your business information online.

  • Do I need to complete the Solid Waste Management Tax Exemption Certificate (SWMT-10)?Back to top

    Yes, if any of the following apply:
    • You collect the Solid Waste Management Tax from your customers and remit the tax to the Department of Revenue.
    • You provide waste management service to a city or municipality that collects SWM Tax from its citizens for these services.
    • The waste is generated outside Minnesota.
    • The waste is mixed municipal solid waste from a recycling facility that achieves at least 85 percent volume reduction.
    • Your customer is a federal agency.
    • The waste is non-mixed municipal solid waste from a federal disaster area.
    For more information on exemptions, see the Solid Waste Management Tax fact sheet, or contact us at 651-282-5770.