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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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Individual Income Tax

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  • Does my “power of attorney” have to be an attorney or a CPA?Back to top

    No. You can designate anyone you choose. They do not have to be an attorney or CPA.

  • What does the “third-party designee paid preparer” check-off box give me rights to?Back to top

    If you’re a tax preparer, the check-off box gives you or your associates access to the following information from your client’s tax return (for that year only):

    • Direct information from the return,
    • Issues or adjustments that occur when the return is processed by the department.
    • Refund information, such as the date and amount of any refund and if there was an offset. (It doesn’t include collection details such as the amount of any offset and which debt was paid.)
    • Balance due information,
    • Preparers may also receive copies of department correspondence relating to the return being processed, such as letters requesting more information.

    Note: The department won’t disclose information about post-processing audits or a taxpayer’s financial information