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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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Individual Income Tax

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Individual Income Tax > File and Pay > How to Pay: Extension payments

  • I filed for an extension with my federal tax return. How do I file for an extension for my state return?Back to top

    You don’t have to file any form to get an extension. If you can’t file your return by the due date (April 15 for most people), you have until Oct. 15 before we’ll charge you a late-filing penalty. However, your personal income tax payment is always due by April 15.

  • I think I’ll owe tax on my Minnesota return this year, but I’m not ready to file by April 15. What should I do?Back to top

    Estimate the amount you’ll owe and pay it by April 15, to avoid late-payment penalty and interest. You can pay electronically (see Electronic Payment Options for Individuals).