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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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Collections > Topic > Other Agency Debts (OAD)

  • What if I believe the debt referred to you is not valid?Back to top

    If you believe the debt is not valid, you must contact us. Otherwise, we will continue to try to collect it.

  • What agencies refer debts for collection?Back to top

    ​We collect for the following agencies:

    • Attorney General's Office
    • MN State Board of Assessors
    • Board of AELSLAGID/ Accountancy
    • Campaign Finance Board
    • MN Client Security Board
    • Department of:
      • Administration
      • Agriculture
      • Commerce
      • Corrections
      • Education
      • Employment and Economic Development (DEED)
      • Finance
      • Health
      • Human Rights
      • Labor & Industry (DLI)
      • Military Affairs
      • Natural Resources (DNR)
      • Public Safety
      • Public Service
      • Transportation (DOT)
      • Veteran's Affairs
    • Human Services-Client Overpayment
    • Human Services-Financial Management 
    • Hennepin County Attorney Office
    • Iron Range Resouces & Rehabilitation
    • Metropolitan Council
    • Minnesota State Academies
    • MN Judicial Branch
    • Minnesota State Lottery
    • MnSCU
    • MnSCU Student Loan Service Center
    • Office of Higher Education
    • MN Pollution Control Agency
    • Perpich Center for Arts
    • Ramsey County Human Services
    • University of Minnesota
    • University o Minnesota - Duluth
    • Board of Veterinary Medicine
    • VIBES - Hennepin County
    • VIBES - Ramsey County

  • How soon after I make a payment can I register for classes, obtain a transcript, or renew a license?Back to top

    We collect debts for other agencies. Contact the referring agency with any questions about registering for classes, obtaining transcripts, or reinstating a suspended license.


  • Why are you involved in the collection of my Other Agency Debt (OAD)?Back to top

    ​The Minnesota legislature gave us the authority to collect debts from other governmental agencies. See Minnesota Statutes section 16D.11.

  • Where can I see a list of all court fines and/or citations against me?Back to top

    Go to the Judicial Branch website to search for outstanding debts. Any questions about the website should be directed to the county where you received your court fine and/or citation.​

  • Can you cancel the collection cost that was added to my debt?Back to top

    ​Yes, but only under specific circumstances. You can request that we cancel the collection cost if any of the following apply:

    • Your household income was less than twice the federal poverty level for the 12 months before your debt was referred to us. Contact us if you need those dates.
    • You pay in full or set up a payment agreement within 30 days of settling a dispute over the debt with the referring agency.
    • You pay the remaining debt or set up a payment agreement within 30 days after judgement becomes final from a lawsuit you had with the referring agency that was at least partially successful.
    • You establish reasonable cause (a reason due to circumstances beyond your control) for not paying the debt prior to its referral to us. This must be done within 60 days of our first notice.

  • How do I find my current balance?Back to top

    You may call us at 651-556-3003 or 800-657-3909 (toll-free) to get your current balance.