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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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Minnesota State Board of Assessors

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  • Can any of the week long courses be challenged? Back to top

    The Minnesota State Board of Assessors does not allow challenging the Assessment Laws and Procedures, Ethics or Minnesota Assessment Administration courses. 

    Sponsoring organizations have their own rules for challenging a week long course. You will need to contact them to find out. 

    Important Note: If you challenge a week long course you will not earn continuing education hours for that course. 

  • Can I take a seminar/course for continuing education hours more than once in a four-year cycle? Back to top

    No. Seminars and courses may not be taken more than once for continuing education hours in a four-year cycle, with the exception of the Property Valuation Course (MAAO) and the Assessment Personnel Workshop (MAAP).   

  • Can I take an income course as an alternate for an elective course? Back to top

    ​Yes. You can take a third income course from the list of board approved income courses. The third income course can be used as an elective.  If you want to take an income course not on the approved list, be sure to submit a "Request Form for Course Approval" before taking the course, allowing enough time for the board to act on it at a scheduled meeting before the course date.