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Last Updated: 10/26/2017

Frequently Asked Questions

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Withholding Tax

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Withholding Tax > File and Pay > Amended returns

  • When would I need to amended a return?Back to top

    If you entered incorrect information on your original withholding tax return. ​

  • Can I amend a return more than once?Back to top

    Yes. You can amend a return for the same period multiple times.​

  • I have a Commissioner Filed Return (CFR) on a quarter. I am trying to amend that return and e-Services will not allow me to. What do I do?Back to top

    You need to file an original return for that quarter.  e-Services does not recognize the CFR as an original return, so you will not be able to amend the CFR.​

  • Do I have to amend the payroll schedule when I file an amended return?Back to top

    No. You can not change a payroll schedule when amending a return. If you need to update a payroll schedule, contact a customer service representative with the correct information.​

  • What information can I change when filing an amended return?Back to top

    In e-Services, you can update the tax withheld, wages, and number of employees. 

    By Tele-file, you can only update wages and number of employees.​

  • Can I amend returns over the phone?Back to top

    Yes, if you only need to update wages or number of employees.

    However, you must use e-Services if you need to update tax withheld, wages, and number of employees. 

  • I want to amend my W-2s. How can I do this electronically?Back to top

    If you made an error on one or more W-2s and have already distributed them to employees, you will need to complete a W-2c.  If you have not distributed the W-2s to employees, email the Withholding Tax Division with the incorrect confirmation number and correct confirmation number of the electronic submission and the information that needs to be changed.  If you need to change a social security number, please call the Withholding Tax Division to make the change.  ​