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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

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Property Tax Refund > Tax Information > Determining Household Income

  • If my ex-spouse is entitled to claim my child as a dependent on the federal tax return but she lives with me, can I still claim a dependent subtraction for the child on Form M1PR?Back to top

    No. Only the person who claims the child as a dependent on their federal income tax return can claim a subtraction for that child on Form M1PR.

  • My wife and I are both older than 65. Can we get two senior subtractions on Form M1PR?Back to top

    No. You’re only allowed to claim one senior subtraction on Form M1PR. You may not claim a dependent subtraction for you or your spouse, either. (Only dependents claimed on your federal tax return qualify for the dependent subtraction on Form M1PR.)

  • Why do I have to include my scholarship or grant in “household income” even though I did not receive any money? Back to top

    ​Even if a scholarship or grant is paid directly to your school, you receive the benefit of that money. This includes scholarships, grants, or tuition assistance through the GI bill or government.