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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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Property Tax Refund

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  • My landlord gave me a Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP). What do I do with it?Back to top

    You may be eligible for the renter’s Property Tax Refund (sometimes called the “renter’s rebate”). The “rent paid” information on line 3 of the CRP is used to determine if you’re eligible for a refund using Form M1PR, Property Tax Refund. You must include a copy of the CRP when you file Form M1PR.

  • I lived in two different places last year and received a Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) from each one. Do I file two separate M1PR forms?Back to top

    No. File a single Form M1PR. When entering your “rent paid,” add up the amounts from line 3 of all your CRP forms.

  • I didn’t get a Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) from my landlord. How can I file for a Property Tax Refund?Back to top

    If you do not receive your CRP by March 1 (for rent you paid in the previous year), contact your landlord and ask for a CRP. If your landlord cannot or will not give you a CRP, you can contact the Department of Revenue and request a substitute known as a “Rent Paid Affidavit” (RPA).

    You should make every attempt to obtain a correct CRP from your landlord before requesting an RPA. With an affidavit, you must file Form M1PR on paper (not electronically), and you must include receipts or canceled checks to prove how much rent you paid.

  • Can I still get a Homestead Credit Refund (for Homeowners) or Renter's Property Tax Refund if I miss the Aug. 15 due date for filing Form M1PR?Back to top

    Yes, but only if you file Form M1PR within one year of the original Aug. 15 due date.

  • When will I get my refund?Back to top

    ​Every return we receive is different, so processing time will vary. You can check on the status of your Property Tax Refund after July 1 by using our Where’s My Refund system. You can follow your return through the refund process. When we are finished, you will see the date your refund was sent.

    What happens after you receive my return?
    We will:

    • Check the return for accuracy
    • Process your return
    • Send your refund
    What can slow down my refund?
    • Mailing a paper return
    • Not choosing direct deposit
    • Errors on your tax return
    • Returns we identify for additional review