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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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Property Tax Refund

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Property Tax Refund > File and Pay > Property Tax Return: CRPs for waiver programs/adult foster care

  • I own or run an adult foster care facility where the rent for many of the residents is paid through assistance programs such as SSI and Medicaid. Do I need to give them CRPs?Back to top

    For residents whose total care is paid through assistance programs, you do not need to provide CRPs (since they aren’t eligible for the Property Tax Refund).

    However, you’re required to provide a CRP to residents that have some or all of their care paid by other sources (since they may qualify for the refund).

  • I manage a tax-exempt adult foster care facility. How do I fill out the CRP forms?Back to top

    If your facility is tax-exempt, you do not provide CRPs to residents (since anyone who lives in a tax-exempt facility isn’t eligible for the Property Tax Refund).