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Last Updated: 7/16/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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Railroad Property Tax

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  • Who is required to file a Minnesota Annual Report of Railroad Companies?Back to top

    Every railroad doing business in Minnesota is required to file the Annual Report of Railroad Companies by March 31 each year.  Railroads are also required to report changes in operating property by December 1 of each year.​

  • Where do I send the Minnesota Annual Report of Railroad Companies?Back to top

    Email an electronic copy of your completed report to

    Please note that the certification page will need to be printed off, signed, and emailed back with the completed electronic report.

  • Where do I send the Railroad Property Records document?Back to top

    Each company will receive a copy of their previous year’s Railroad Property Records during November.  Each company will then need to update the property records with any changes that occurred during the year and email the updated records to by December 1.​

  • Can I get a filing extension?Back to top

    Possibly.  The Department of Revenue may grant a 15-day extension if:

    • good cause prevents you from filing by the March 31 deadline; and
    • you make an extension request in writing by March 31.​

  • Where do I send payment for Railroad Property Tax?Back to top

    The county in which the railroad operating property is located will bill you.  If you have more questions regarding property tax statements and property tax due dates, you can contact the county directly. Click here for a directory of county websites.