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Last Updated: 1/25/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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HMO Premium Tax

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  • Do I need to file a return for this tax if I did not write any Insurance business?Back to top

    Yes. You are required to file a return even if you have no Insurance business to report. Check the "No Activity" box at the top of the form if you have no business to report.​

  • Do I need to pay electronically?Back to top

    Yes, if you meet either of these requirements:
    • Your total insurance taxes and surcharges equal or greater than $10,000 for the prior fiscal year ending June 30.
    • You are required to pay any other Minnesota tax electronically.​

  • What if I made a payment but it does not show up on my account?Back to top

    Call the Insurance Taxes Unit at 651-556-3024 and provide us with your:
    • Minnesota tax ID number
    • account number
    • routing number
    Also have the payment date, amount, method (electronic or check). If your payment was misapplied, we can correct it.​

  • Are payments made by Minnesota Care taxable?Back to top

    ​Premiums paid by the state under medical assistance and the Minnesota Care program are taxable.


  • Is risk adjustment included in the Gross Premium tax base and thus subject to the health maintenance organizations/health care provider gross premium tax under Minnesota Statutes, section 297I.05, subd. 5?Back to top

    ​The term “gross” implies a broad interpretation and thus, all payments received by the insurer, unless they clearly do not relate to the insurance coverage or are subject to an exemption, are subject to tax.

  • How do I calculate penalties or interest on my return?Back to top

    Calculate penalties and interest as follows (see example below):

    • Late filing penalty = 5 percent of unpaid tax
    • Late payment penalty = 5 percent of unpaid tax (if 1 to 30 days late); 10 percent (if 31 to 60 days late); or 15 percent (if over 60 days late)
    • Interest = (tax + penalty) × interest rate × # days late ÷ 365
    Example: You file your return 37 days late and owe $1,000 in tax.
    Calculate your penalties as follows:
    • Late filing penalty = $1,000 × 0.05 = $50
    • Late payment penalty = $1,000 × 0.10 = $100

    Calculate your interest as follows (assuming the interest rate is 3 percent):

    • Interest = ($1,000 + 50 + 100) × 0.03 × 37 ÷ 365 = $3.50

    Note: For the current interest rate, see Penalty and Interest Rates.

  • Do I need to file an amended return if the Department of Revenue already fixed my return?Back to top

    Not if you agree with the changes we made. But if you disagree, you have the right to file an amended return.


  • Can I get more time for my audit?Back to top

    Yes. Contact the auditor assigned to your case to request the additional time. They may ask for the request in writing.​

  • Can someone else handle my audit on my behalf?Back to top

    Yes. You may assign a power of attorney (POA) to another person so they can represent you. To do so, complete Form REV184, Power of Attorney, and send it to the auditor assigned to your case before your POA contacts the auditor.​


  • What is the penalty for late payment?Back to top

    The penalty is 5 percent if your payment is 1 to 30 days late, 10 percent if your payment is 31 to 60 days late, and 15 percent if your payment is over 60 days late.

  • Where can I find my Minnesota tax ID number?Back to top

    It should appear on any letter that was sent to you by the Department of Revenue. If you cannot find it, please call us at 651-556-3024.

  • How do I update my contact information?Back to top

    You can do it through our e-Services system. Or, you can mail your updated information to:

    Minnesota Revenue
    Mail Station 1780
    St. Paul, MN 55146-1780

  • Can I send more information to update my account?Back to top

    Yes. If the information is in regard to an audit, send the information to the auditor assigned to the case. Information can be sent to: Minnesota Revenue, Mail Station 1780, St. Paul, MN 55146-1780.​

  • Why am I required to file when I am not licensed in Minnesota?Back to top

    It is possible your registration is wrong, or you have changed your license with the Department of Commerce and we have not been notified. Please call the Insurance Taxes Unit at 651-556-3024 so we can update or close your account if needed.

  • What if I don't understand what was changed on my return?Back to top

    Call the Insurance Taxes Unit at 651-556-3024 and we'll review your account with you.​

  • If I update my business information with the Department of Commerce, do I also need to notify the Department of Revenue?Back to top


  • What if I did not make my estimates or pay my estimated tax by the due dates?Back to top

    When you file your annual return, you will have to pay an additional tax charge (ATC). The ATC is equivalent to interest on the estimated tax that you did not pay by the due date. Calculate this charge as follows:

    ATC = tax × interest rate × number days late ÷ 365
    Example: You owed $1,000 in estimated tax on June 15 but did not pay until June 30. If the interest rate is 3 percent, the ATC on your return is $1.23, as calculated below:
    ATC = $1,000 × 0.03 × 15 ÷ 365 = $1.23
    Note: For the current interest rate, see Penalty and Interest Rates.

  • Where do I send my overnight shipment or package? Back to top

    Minnesota Revenue
    600 North Robert Street
    St. Paul, MN 55101