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Last Updated: 6/19/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are eCRVs?Back to top

    Electronic “certificates of real estate value.”  These are up-to-date records of the value of Minnesota real estate, and are necessary to document property sales. The counties where the sales are made and the Minnesota Department of Revenue use them to verify the terms of sales, and to ensure that we are fairly and equitably assessing the taxable value of property statewide. The eCRV is taking place of the old paper copies of CRVs that have been used in the past.

  • Am I required to put my SSN on the eCRV?Back to top

    ​Yes, per Minnesota Statute 272.115 the SSN (or FEIN) of all buyers and sellers must be entered on the eCRV. If any buyer or seller does not provide their SSN (or FEIN), then the eCRV cannot be submitted to the county for approval and the property transaction will not be completed. After a SSN (or FEIN) is entered, it is masked and will not be visible to anyone else and it will not appear in the public eCRV record.

  • Do others have access to the eCRV for my property?Back to top

    Yes, submitted eCRVs that are accepted by the county become public information. There is a public search available for county accepted eCRVs.  The PDF will not include Social Security numbers.

  • How long does the department keep eCRV data?Back to top

    For at least seven years once the data has been matched with a recorded deed. CRV data can be deleted within three months of being submitted if the counties can’t match them with deeds.

  • What if my deed or eCRV is rejected? Back to top

    If the county rejects the eCRV because of incorrect or missing information, whoever submitted the original information can edit the existing eCRV and resubmit the corrected eCRV to the county. 

  • Are the eCRV's printable?Back to top

    Yes​, the PDF of a submitted eCRV is printable.

  • I submitted an eCRV but now I realize I made a mistake. Can I get it back to fix the mistake?Back to top

    Yes. When you submitted the eCRV you received an eCRV ID number and an Edit Pin number that are used to recall the submitted eCRV. Go back into the system as if you were going to submit a new eCRV and click the “Edit Submitted eCRV” button. Use your eCRV ID number and Edit Pin number to recall the eCRV. (Note: If the county has already accepted the eCRV you will not be able to recall the eCRV. You will need to contact the county so that they can unaccept it from their system, and then you can recall the eCRV using the method described above.

  • Is a trust considered an organization when I am filling out an eCRV?Back to top

    If a trust has a federal EIN (FEIN) for tax filing purposes, then it should be listed as an organization on the eCRV and use the FEIN for the Tax ID field. If the trust does not have an FEIN, then the individual names of the trustees should be used with their SSNs. As an example, a revocable trust is not required to attain a FEIN until the grantor dies. Because of this, if a revocable trust is going to be listed on the eCRV, the key factor will be how the trust currently files taxes and to use that factor to determine how to do the eCRV.

  • This is a contract for deed sale. When do I file an eCRV?Back to top

    An eCRV should be submitted when the original contract to transfer the property is made. A property will not be eligible for homestead if an initial eCRV is not filed. An eCRV must be submitted again when the contract is paid off and the deed is actually transferred unless the submitter has the following:

    • The document number or book and page for the original contract for deed.
    • The consideration paid as described in the original contract for deed.

    If the submitter has both pieces of information, a second eCRV is not required.

  • The sale includes property that is in two counties, do I need to complete an eCRV in each county.Back to top

    Yes, you must complete an eCRV for each county that is part of the sale and provide the appropriate portion of the sales price on each eCRV.

  • I didn’t save my eCRV ID number or my Edit Pin number. Can I get another one?Back to top

    No. If you didn’t save your eCRV ID number or Edit Pin number you will need to file a new eCRV. Be sure to save your eCRV ID number and Edit Pin number when the system prompts you to do so. Your original eCRV will not be used by the county or any other party.

  • Is participation in eCRV required?Back to top

    Yes, all counties must now accept the eCRV form. In fact, starting October 1, 2014, eCRV will be the only method of submitting a certificate of real estate value.

  • What are the benefits of signing up for eCRV?Back to top

    Reduced errors on getting your CRV approved, more and better information on your CRV, and less work processing the CRV, to name a few of the advantages.

  • How do the eCRV IDs work?Back to top

    The submitter must keep the eCRV number and submit it to the county along with the deed. The county will not be able to accept the deed without an eCRV number. The eCRV number is used by the county to find the submitted copy of the eCRV.